Tina Reuter: My Charity Apprentice story


Tina completed Charity Apprentice in 2015 while she was studying community learning and development at Dundee. She is now working part-time at not one but two amazing charities!

I joined Charity Apprentice to boost my CV and achieve my dream of working in the charity sector, and it hugely exceeded my expectations. I learned about the many complex jobs and roles in the third sector, the different strategies of raising funds, and so many different approaches and aspects to consider when aiming to achieve positive change.

The course content inspired me to think about and question certain approaches to charity work, and helped me to understand how ‘doing good’ is not always easy and straight-forward. Fundraising tasks challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to raise huge funds for an amazing charity, and left me feeling like a local celebrity. And volunteering for four weeks as a team leader in the Integrated Child Development Centre in Kochogo, Kenya, I gained incredible and life changing experiences which not only forever changed my view of the people and life in developing countries, but which also had a tremendous impact on my career. I learned to manage groups of volunteers, to plan complex projects, to manage a budget and to collaborate and negotiate with the amazing staff on-site. As a team, we had the opportunity to make some amazing improvements to the Centre, and we experienced daily how our work and commitment hugely impacted the lives of so many children and young people in the area.


Half a year after successfully finishing the Charity Apprentice course, I have two jobs in the charity sector. I work as a Communications Officer for the One World Centre, a charity which aims to raise the dialogue on global social and environmental issues particularly in schools and community organisations, and as a Youth Worker at the RockSolid Youth Project, where I help young people of disadvantaged backgrounds to manage their own Social Enterprise and to have an impact in their community.

I want to stress that at Charity Apprentice, you truly get out of it what you invest. It will challenge your assumptions, urge you to set the highest goals, confront you with upsetting injustices and push you out of your comfort zone, but in the end if you put in your all, it will change your life.