"Our vision is a world where all children have an equal opportunity. That means that every child, wherever they are born, can thrive through health and education. Our mission is to work with local organisations in some of the most deprived communities in the world to deliver school-based health and nutrition interventions."


School meals are the main pillar of many Child.org programmes which allow them to offer the rest of their interventions most effectively.


Child.org's health and nutrition interventions improve school attendance and impact the whole community. Child.org deliver health, family planning and life skills teaching.


Child.org provide access to clean water, deworming (a citical part of tackling school attendance and performance) and malaria prevention.

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Working in partnership

All of the projects visited by Charity Apprentices are run/managed/guided by Child.org partners on the ground. All of these partners are Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) which are governed, managed and staffed by local people.

These partners identify needs and causes and apply to Child.org for support. Child.org do not believe we are the best people to identify activities and causes for Charity Apprentice involvement so we are guided by our partners on the ground.

This means that all activities that apprentices are involved with are led by the projects themselves.

The projects invite apprentices to participate in and enhance any activities they think might benefit their beneficiaries, based around Child.org's emphasis on health, nutrition and education.

It's a breath of fresh air working with Child.org because it's a real partnership

Wilfred Director of Omega Foundation

Transparent costings

There is a very clear seperation between course costs and fundraising. The cost of the course, including the trip to Africa, is covered by apprentices, which means 100% of fundraising done while on the course goes directly to Child.org.

This means that every penny you raise throughout the year goes towards helping Child.org achieve their organisational objective of giving children an equal opportunity through health, education and nutritional interventions.

I really liked that I knew that the money I asked my friends for went to the cause

Lucy Meredith Alumni 2014 from Nottingham