Use your spare time

If you're only content when filling your life with awesome experiences, Charity Apprentice is for you. Spend a few hours a week building your dream future career. Charity Apprentice fits around your day job or other studies: after dinner; during a boring uni lecture (shhh); while your kids are in bed; on the train to work; or even at 2am after a night out; log in whenever you fancy to complete tasks and keep a couple of evenings free a month to join online seminars.

Bite-sized learning

Read short learning tasks, watch videos and complete quizzes from a range of experts and sources. It’s all online so you can absorb it quickly and effectively. See your progress and manage your learning through your personalised dashboard.

Practical challenges

Charity Apprentice is about gaining tangible, real life experience. You’ll take on real marketing and fundraising projects designed by charity professionals that will show you first-hand what it’s like to work for charity. There’s nothing like the feeling that you’re making a difference to the world from day one.

We’re better together

Meeting and discussing ideas with other apprentices gives you an in-depth understanding of topics and support with your challenges. You'll attend Charity Apprentice Bootcamp in the first weekend in February to meet everyone in real life, and dial into monthly online seminars to chat about what you have learned.

See your impact

Spend a month in Kenya or Uganda and feel what it really means to work in international development. Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the people you’re working to help and see how the projects you fund really change lives. The words ‘job satisfaction’ will never mean the same thing again.

Graduating as an apprentice

If you complete the tasks and challenges you’ll qualify from Charity Apprentice with really valuable knowledge and experience. Depending on how many of the tasks you complete you can earn a pass or distinction.


Take the initiative. Be the change.

Become a Charity Apprentice