You'll learn about the charity sector


Instinctively people feel they understand what charity is, what it does and why it is so important. However, the complicated ways the third sector can work, the different models and the widespread myths that surround the topic can make it hard to get it clear.

When most people first volunteer or get a job with, a charity there's no real training around these issues. We think everyone should have a good general level of understanding from the beginning.

Topics covered

  • What is...
    • Not for profit
    • Charity
    • Third Sector
    • Aid
    • Social Enterprise

  • Overview of state of third sector
    • Why is the third sector important?
    • Which countries give most and why
    • Total spent in charity / aid
    • Where it’s spent and on what
    • Does it work?

  • Working in the charity sector
    • How are charities run?
    • Ratios of costs - admin vs impact
    • Volunteer vs staff
    • Careers
    • General charity structures
    • Governance
    • Departments

    Example learning task

    The closure of Kid's Company: what to read. Apprentices read and watch curated views and arguments about the closure of Kid's Company and share their own views and opinions. 

    Example practical task

    Research and produce content for a blog post case study about a small charity or social enterprise in your local area, including interviews, competitor analysis and understanding of impact.

    I remember being too embarrassed to ask what a Board of Trustees did when I first started in charity
    Thomas Muirhead Managing Director,