Meet Charity Apprentices past and present.

Stephanie Bird

“Charity Apprentice offers it all; opportunities to gain knowledge & skills, meet like-minded people, flexible learning, maybe even your dream job.”

Corrine Altass-Hye

“The team supported me in organising a fundraising challenge that went on to raise around £4000 and equipped me with the skills necessary to the apply for a job as a Corporate and Community Fundraising Assistant with a medium sized charity.”

Aimee Nott

“The course also helps you keep abreast of key debates and challenges in the sector, such as the incoming data protection regulation, which is absolutely vital to be on top of in interviews.”

Alex Brush 

“It has been three months since I’ve graduated Uni, but I know that the things I have learnt with will guide me through the rest of my life.”

Anna Donaldson

“Before I even completed my year as a Charity Apprentice, I had my first paid job offer in the charity sector.”

Jenny Poulter

“Events are my passion, and I have finally been recognised for all my many years of hard work which is just simply amazing!”

Tina Reuter 

“The course content inspired me to think about and question certain approaches to charity work, and helped me to understand how ‘doing good’ is not always easy and straight-forward. Fundraising tasks challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to raise huge funds for an amazing charity, and left me feeling like a local celebrity.”