Meet Charity Apprentices past and present.

Tina Reuter (2015 alum)

“The course content inspired me to think about and question certain approaches to charity work, and helped me to understand how ‘doing good’ is not always easy and straight-forward. Fundraising tasks challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to raise huge funds for an amazing charity, and left me feeling like a local celebrity.”

Rachel Crowley (2016 alum)

“Before starting the course, I was applying for jobs in the charity sector and didn’t have any luck securing employment. Now, I have been offered a job with one of the largest children’s charities in the country… I could never had started my career in the charity sector without this course and”

Alex Brush (2015 alum)

“It has been three months since I’ve graduated Uni, but I know that the things I have learnt with will guide me through the rest of my life.”