Top 113 Best Bulgarian Names For Your Baby That You’ll Love

While the absolute majority of couples in Bulgaria have children, most of them stop at one or two. That is why your Bulgarian wife will probably also want no more than two children, so that those kids could get all the love and care your Bulgarian woman is capable of. While preparing for your own wedding to a Bulgarian bride, get ready for the following universal customs. Bulgarian parents are not authoritarian and they cannot prohibit their daughter from marrying someone she loves. However, you will give them a much-needed peace of mind if you put emphasis on your positive husbandly qualities and your ability to provide for the future family. The problem which inturn virtually all Western males encounter is definitely who several women don’t respect all of them or maybe approve cheating skincare products aspect.

  • At the moment, Bulgaria is commonplace for anyone who wants to find a suitable Bulgarian woman for marriage.
  • At a very young age, any of the Bulgarian women completely realizes the meaning of the word “independence”.
  • Principles from Bulgarian women don’t allow these phones conduct themselves doing this.
  • We already showed amazing Slavic women portraits from Russia, Ukraine and Poland.
  • Today, you can see and even take part in walking on burning coals.

Also, women always try to maintain close relationships with their numerous relatives. Famous Bulgarian actresses and models admirably represent Slavic peoples at international beauty contests. Girls and women from Bulgaria have particular facial features, skin, hair, and figures. The majority of them meet the generally accepted standards of female beauty. And most importantly, these beauties always arouse the admiration of single men, who are the prominent connoisseurs of a spectacular female appearance.

What Are Bulgarian Women Like?

They are mostly swarthy with dark and curly hair. However, Bulgarian girls are not all dark-skinned brunettes despite more than 500 years of Ottoman domination. Beautiful Bulgarian women are proud of their gorgeous, luxurious, and long hair. Not a single self-respecting Bulgarian girl goes out of her home without meticulous hairstyling. Blonde hair is not so rare among Bulgarian women because they like to dye their hair blonde. Therefore, do not be surprised to see many blondes on the streets of Bulgarian cities.

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It’s easy for Bulgarian mail order wives to find common ground with other people because they are intelligent and chatty. That results in taking good care of their surroundings and always trying to make their relationship better. Bulgarian wives are humble and don’t have impossible expectations from men, but they also know their worth and can fend for themselves. Signup for our weekly newsletter to get the latest news, updates and stay in the loop to find out what parents are talking about delivered directly in your inbox. Keep in mind that in case of trouble, you should be able to turn to someone anytime.

Many Bulgarian women from childhood begin to dream of a successful marriage and a happy family life. Usually, they do not frequently visit beauty salons, and they do not enlarge their lips. Moreover, Bulgarian girls do not come up with the idea of having plastic surgery. Of course, Bulgarian women for marriage are modern, and they are trying to make a career. However, it is unlikely that a Bulgarian bride would prefer a job to a personal relationship. After all, the family has paramount importance for Bulgarian women. These features distinguish them from American women.

Top 113 Best Bulgarian Names For Your Baby That You

Why Do Bulgarian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

As little girls, future Bulgarian wives spend a lot of time watching their mothers and grandmothers in the kitchen. As they grow older, their interest in cooking and their love for hearty homemade food does not go anywhere. At a very young age, any of the Bulgarian women completely realizes the meaning of the word “independence”. Bulgarian girls start making their first money in school and have a part-time job while at college.

Want to Know More About Beautiful Bulgarian Girls?

You can try using such national dating sites as,,,, and The mentality of Bulgarian women is reflected mainly in local traditions and culture. The ancient rite of walking on hot coals remains one of the most striking traditions. Local people believe that this rite is intended to protect against evil forces and predict the future. Also, the meaning of some gestures accepted among Bulgarians differs from the traditions of other countries.

During school and university years, they devote all their time to education. Being grown-up ladies, they now combine their family and job duties, which is a tough thing to do. Despite all obstacles on their way, they work hard to achieve their goals. So, how to make your Bulgarian girl fall in love with you? Do not stop telling her how beautiful, attractive, and smart she is. Behave like a gentleman and considerate cavalier, but do not be too intrusive. Both small and expensive gifts are always welcome.

She’s an owner of this platform at the same time. One of her purposes on this platform is to help people regain their motives to live on, be happy, and find their soulmates. She’s a professional coach who can motivate people to change their perspectives to become better people in the end. Love Nina, I’m a big fan and think she’s beautiful!!! There are some other stunning Bulgarian women on this list though. We’ll send you tons of inspiration to help you find a hidden gem in your local area or plan a big day out. Ralitsa – meaning ‘larkspur’ in Bulgarian, which is a pretty perennial flower.

A Bulgarian girl can be very serious when the situation calls for it, but most of the time she doesn’t hide her vivacious personality. With a girl from Bulgaria as a wife, you will never express boredom and melancholy in your day-to-day life. Bulgarian ladies may be very motivated to marry a foreigner, but it doesn’t mean they will accept just about anyone to be their lawful husband. They prefer men who treat them right and are prepared to give their all to a happy and loyal relationship. Bulgarian women are conservative when it comes to faithfulness and commitment.

Also, many Bulgarian girls adore wearing high-heeled shoes. Consequently, they often have an image of fashionistas.

Top 113 Best Bulgarian Names For Your Baby That You

Bulgarian women believe men to be the main breadwinners for their families. Therefore, you have more chances of winning the heart of a girl of this nationality if you know how to earn money. Good manners are what Bulgarian women are used to seeing every day. It is not typical for the local culture to be rude. More and more foreign men struggle to get wives of this nationality. And here are the qualities that make them so attractive for bachelors from abroad. They do bright make-up not only for a party but also for everyday looks.